4 Great Frankfurt Stopover Tips – Experts Guide

Need some great Frankfurt stopover tips? But Frankfurt is boring right? Wrong.

There are some great sights and culinary delights to be had in this underrated city. As a former resident of Frankfurt and a German travel expert, I have four tips for you to make your stay fantastic.


Tip 1: Apple Wine on a Tram – Ebbelwei Express

The Ebbelwei (pronounced Abel-Vy) Express. Frankfurt is famous for its apple wine. The Ebbelwei Express runs on the tram lines around Frankfurt and serves apple wine or apple juice with local snacks.

There are many spots that you can alight and it’s a simple process of paying the conductor the 8 Euros per person to get on which also gets you a drink. It’s a great way to see the city and you’ll make new friends along the way.



Tip 2: Great Beer Garden by the River at Gerbermuehle

While Frankfurt isn’t as famous for beer gardens as its southern neighbouring city Munich, it does have some good beer gardens to frequent when the weather is warm and the sun is high in the sky. Gerbermuehle (pronounced Ger-Ber-Mooler) on Gerbermuehlestrasse 105 is a lovely spot to go for a beer along the Main (pronounced Mine) River. It’s slightly out of town but a short cab ride is well worth the ride. It also has some great rooms in which to stay.


Tip 3: Awesome Markets at Kleinmarkthalle

Food and wine are very important to Germans. In the middle of the city is the Klein Markt Halle (small market hall). It’s a hall of fresh produce suppliers offering up the most amazing delights. It’s possible to walk in hungry and walk out full just from tastings. However I always found it hard not to buy something delicious which can be taken to the nearby river foreshore for an impromptu picnic, naturally including a couple of local beers. Drinking in public places isn’t frowned upon as nearly all people respect the public place.



Tip 4: Authentic Restaurant, Adolf Wagner Apple Wine Restaurant

A Frankfurt institution is an apple wine hall called Apelwein Wagner, formerly known as Adolf Wagners. This restaurant has been there since the early 1930s (about the same time the other Adolf was growing in notoriety). You can find it in Schweizer Strasse just on the south side of the river.

A word of warning, if you decide to order a beer or perhaps even a Coca Cola you may not get served or at the very least you will get a frown. This is a serious apple wine hall even with the smell from dust on the floor. It’s very quaint. They also serve some fantastic foods to go with their wines. Apple wine is best drunk mixed with soda water which takes off the sharpness.

These are just 4 great Frankfurt stopover tips.

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