Antarctica Expeditions & Cruises

Cruise through the glassy, ice-cold waters in an authentic Antarctica experience, exploring mother-nature at her very best. Wildlife encounters & an environmental education to remember in this untouched world of natural beauty.

A Wildlife Wonder-World

As the orcas dance the oceans below, the seals soak up sunshine in safety, and colonies of our perfectly dressed little friends in tuxedos gather to feed and warm their young ones, you'll be grinning ear-to-ear. Experience a flurry of wildlife excitement, instinctual brilliance, and impressive maneuverability that will have you in awe if the surrounding landscapes haven't already won your hearts.

What You'll Get

As a luxury travel agent, we only partner with credible providers with the credentials to keep you safe, warm, and secure in such a beautiful, but harsh, environment. You'll be comfortable every step of the way. That's a promise.

We'll provide you with a full itinerary, including meal and food preferences, so you can enjoy the experience as much as possible.

You'll get up close and personal experiences with wildlife, incredible video footage and photo opportunities, as well as professional tour guides who can help you understand the delicate nature of our planet's ecosystem.

Antartica Tours were only available to the mega-wealthy in recent years. It's now a true privilege and a once in a life-time opportunity for those who want untouched authenticity.

Our Service Includes:

  • Travel Pack with detailed itinerary.
  • Access to Travel App where your itinerary lives.
  • Updates for any changes whilst away.
  • Answers to any questions for the "just in case" moments.
  • Back up support for your entire journey.
  • How-to guide for transport.
  • Details of embarkation and disembarkation process.
  • Guidance on entry requirements for countries.


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