Corporate Travel With All The Comforts

Corporate travel can be done oh-so wrong; we've all been there. In contrast, imagine after relaxing in the lounge, you are welcomed to board the flight. Given priority boarding, you calmly wander down the tunnel, first to arrive. You show your boarding pass to the attentive cabin attendant who welcomes you by name. You immediately turn left at the door and you're ushered to a spacious seat. The cabin is peaceful and immaculately clean. The attendant takes your jacket to hang and offers you your choice of refreshment. Knowing that your exciting journey has begun, you celebrate the occasion with a glass of fine French champagne; a business travel expectation.

First Class & Business Class Flights

As a luxury corporate travel agency, we believe that the plane ride shouldn't be considered simply as another means of transport to get from A to B.

A plane journey, if selected correctly, will elevate your experience, leaving wonderful memories of what takes place not only during your flight but from the experience you encounter before and after you board. Business travel at its best.


What A Corporate Travel Agency Provides

Exactly what is business class, or first class flying? Most full-service airlines have a business class or first class offering. They are all a little different though in what they offer and no two are the same.

First-class or business travel is best when the traveller arrives at their destination refreshed and in good spirit. We believe that this happens when the journey is seamless.

Seamless first class and business travel starts the moment you leave your home. The transfers to and from the airport are pre-arranged and in style, with the movement between curb side to the cabin seat on both ends stress free.

There will normally be lounge access on both ends of travel with check in and boarding fast tracked.

Along with this, the cabin seat should be a lie-flat bed for long-haul flights, with food, beverages and cabin service of the highest quality.

What You'll Get

  • A tailored itinerary detailing your schedule.


  • Our corporate travel agency will provide to you options that suit your travel needs, e.g. stopovers, lie flat beds, meet and greets, special meals.


  • We will highlight the best partner airlines for points for frequent flyer programs.


  • We will provide ongoing communication if flights are changed - even and more importantly whilst you are away.


  • You will have access to our travel app that will showing your schedule including your seating and luggage.


What is the difference between business class and first class?

Business class seats, on long haul flights, generally provide a seat that turns into a lie flat bed. A first-class ticket however will offer a suite that is partitioned to be a reasonably private space. As well, the first-class cabin on some planes is in a separate section. The exception to this however is with travel within the US. The term first class in the US is easily exchanged to what is commonly known elsewhere as business class.

Do you get a chauffeur drive with business class?

Some airlines do offer complimentary business transfers to and from the airport within 100km. It is not a common feature, however. When considering the options for clients we take into account this feature.

Which airline is best for business class?

In 2021 Qatar Airways won the Skytrax award for the best business class offering. Hotly on its tail however was Singapore Airlines, ANA All Nippon Airways, Emirates then EVA Air.

Which airline is the best first class?

In 2021 Singapore Airlines won the Skytrax award for best first class. Coming in second was Lufthansa, followed by Emirates, ANA All Nippon then Air France.

Which airline has the most spacious first class?

It is suggested that Etihad and Emirates have the most spacious first class.

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