Small Group Tours

Quiet and cool. This is the paradise within the luxury small coach as you meander through the small, crowded streets at dusk. The doors to the bus open, and at a glance you see the final crowd being ushered out of the museum. A non-descript door appears to the left. Your guide whisks you through the chapels side door. Handing you a glass of the local drop and a selection of hors d’oeuvres is the museum curator. Your private tour, after the museum closes, is about to unfold.

Private Small Group Tours

Private small group tours are more intimate and have best greater access to the wonderful attractions, unique hotels and highly regarded restaurants than the larger tours.

Exactly What Is Small Group Touring

We understand that not everyone wants to independently tour. We also understand that not everyone wants to feel like they are being herded from one attraction to the next in a large group. 

Small group tours generally operate with no more than 20 persons. They provide an intimate way to band together with other like-minded people to visit a destination, region, or country.

The guides are highly experienced, with exceptional knowledge of the areas visited. Accompanying the tour guide will sometimes be a local guide, who will delve deeply into their expert topic. 

Being smaller in size, these tours often stay in unique hotels with a greater level of authenticity. The onus is on comfort and style.

The means of transport tend to be by small luxury coaches with abundant space. The beauty of small coaches is that they can get through the small laneways where other large coaches with large groups cannot venture. 

Small groups can access smaller authentic local restaurants and gain insider access to attractions that larger groups cannot. 

What You'll Get


  • It might be that you value having a guide to lead you or that you like to mix with other like-minded people. Whatever the reason a small group tour may be right for you.


  • At Traveloso, we will ask a series of questions, in order to not only ascertain your suitability for a small group tour but as well which company is right for you.


  • There are many providers of small group tours, and they all have different offerings. It is vital we find the right fit for our clients

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