Private Independent Touring

You come to a fork in the road and are faced with the choice of left or right. It's a glorious morning, but you're becoming a little peckish and if you head left, you'll pass through a charming little village. 

You navigate through the small winding streets and realise that it's festival day and you can't proceed as intended. Enticed by the smell of the freshly made local delicacies, you're drawn by your senses, and park up to continue your voyage by foot. 

At last, you've found the ideal destination. Sitting at a shared table with laughter, smiles and locals, you fumble through the words of the local dialect, allowing new friendships to take place... It's a life of journey and undiscovered adventure.

Private Independent Touring

The beauty of private independent touring is the ability to explore, make detours on the spot, and to be able to navigate your own path. The greatest experiences can be hidden just around the corner; they are waiting for you to grace them with your presence.

Exactly What Is Private Independent Touring?

With private independent touring you have an ability to shape your own journey, exploring what interests you. You can start the day at your own pace free of any great time constraints.

The decision on how you spend the day is yours to make. You will know where you are today, where you are staying tonight and be aware of the main interest points locally. You have freedom of choice every day.

You can explore, wander and stray off the beaten track. Yet you're taken care of and have the securities of local knowledge at your fingertips.

What You'll Get


  • We get to know the “YOU”, asking many questions to understand what you like and dislike. We structure an itinerary with areas of interest - some familiar and some unknown.


  • You will receive a unique and tailored itinerary, based on your interests and budget.


  • Access to a travel app where you can view your itinerary, before, during and after your trip.


  • We aim to have you in high quality, authentic and unique accommodation.


  • We pinpoint and explain the best ways to avoid the stress points; e.g.  what platform the train may depart from, where to store luggage or even what you need for your car hire.


  • The best travel is that which is stress free, and therefore we make a travel itinerary to answer every question you have whilst away, in advance. We make all arrangements 100% clear. Our travel documents are meticulous.


If you'd like Traveloso to put together an amazing itinerary for you, please feel free to reach out via the form below. We're here to create memorable experiences.

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