Small Luxury Cruises

Listen for the silence. Soak in the solitude that surrounds. Imagine, just you, banking that breathtaking moment, on a wild Sub-Antarctic beach with the world’s tallest species of penguin, the Emperor Penguin. It is experiences like this, that you only get by being on a luxury small ship cruise.

Exactly What Is A Small Luxury Cruise? 

Luxury small ship cruises take you in comfort and style to destinations that the public do not get to
experience. Crowds won’t surround you; you'll enjoy intimate discussions with the captain, and you'll influence
your own experience. It's all about you.

Choosing the right cruise for clients is a very selective process. All cruise companies have similar
features, but what makes us different is finding attractions specific to our clientele. It is a
customised experience that we want you to remember for a lifetime.


At Traveloso, we will ask many qualifying questions, to understand what cruise may be right for you. We will direct you with the best cruise options, based on your answers, and throw an idea to you of a cruise that you might not have thought off.

We build and maintain the best relationship with the luxury small ship cruise companies so if you have a special request then we can do our best to meet that request.

Once the cruise is booked, we work not only with the cruise company but with our other travel partners, be it hotels, transfer companies, airlines to get you to your cabin.

Our Service Includes:

  • Travel Pack with detailed itinerary.
  • Access to Travel App where your itinerary lives.
  • Updates for any changes whilst away.
  • Answers to any questions for the "just in case" moments.
  • Back up support for your entire journey.
  • How-to guide for transport.
  • Details of embarkation and disembarkation process.
  • Guidance on entry requirements for countries.

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