About us

Traveloso is a privately operated travel agency based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Heading up the agency is leading travel designer Anthony Lee.

We design complete and personalised travel plans for our clients enhancing travel experiences,
reducing travel related stress and supporting clients whilst on their travels.

Our expertise are best utilised for travellers seeking higher end travel experiences, as that is where we focus our capabilities.

We work closely with the most professional and reliable travel partners in destinations all around the world, to deliver incredible experiences forging unforgettable memories.

Transformational Travel

We believe that travel is transformational.

Travel can change the way we view ourselves and the world in which we live for the better.


What you get from Traveloso

  • An ongoing exclusive one on one relationship with a travel professional
  • Questions from us to understand your preferences and likes and dislikes
  • Endless ideas of suitable travel products and experiences based on the answers to the above
  • Meticulously planned itineraries
  • Benefits and perks when booked with our many travel partners (T&C’s apply)
  • Travel App showing itinerary with detailed notes
  • Itineraries incorporating contingencies and “just in case” scenarios

The Lighthouse

Our logo is the blue and white lighthouse. Since the height of the Greco-Roman empires, lighthouses have been providing guidance, safety and illuminating the path for travellers.
We at Traveloso do exactly the same. We guide our clients, steering them away from calamity and at the same time light their path ahead. By lighting their path, we uncover amazing experiences that were previously unknown. We at Traveloso tip our hat to the trusted Lighthouse.

1st Class Service

An itinerary that explains everything

Imaginative planning ideas

Same day response from our travel advisors

Complimentary upgrades via our partner benefits programs

Smooth sailing without a hitch

Just in case - scenario instructions

First Class Service